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school house cartoon The White House Lies, Deceit! Abusive Name-Calling... just what do you expect to gain from this type of despicable behavior, young man?

Twice named Best Editorial Cartoonist of the Year by the Minnesota Newspaper Association, Steve Artley is known for his often hard hitting cartoons in support of environmental legislation and education.

A member in the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, Steve's cartooning career has produced honors such as participation in the International Cartoon Festival in Budapest, was a member of a team of American cartoonists who met with their counterparts in (then Soviet) Moscow, was among a group of editorial cartoonists who were guests at the White House, and was invited to be among an American delegation of cartoonists visiting Cuba in early 1999.

Beginning in the Fall of 1998, Steve began teaching cartooning at The Art Tree, a privately-owned, nonprofit art school in Shorewood, Minnesota. His cartoons have appeared in newspapers and periodicals throughout the United States and Canada including the Washington Post and The New York Times. His work has also been published in various magazines, trade journals, congressional publications and school text books.

Also a graphic designer, Steve was awarded a trip to Germany and the Czech Republic for an art store window display, winning top honors in the national competition sponsored by Schwan-Stabilo – a German based arts supply manufacturer.


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